Raising the thumb: an introduction

Out of the town there is a tiny road that winds around the hills and hides behind the horizon line. You can easily imagine this. There’s something magic about that road. No, it’s true, the asfault is not romantic, but The Road is something that can make you dream. Roads are free connections, connections for all, you can choose the lenght, the speed, the time and date, everything. And this doesn’t happen in railways and seas. That’s, mostly, the magic of the road. Hit the road with a goal, some point, some city, or just a way, but ride everyday no matter for how long or how many time, just go somewhere and arrive someday.

The first time I tried to hitchhike I was so nervous. And scared. I didn’t have many experience so I stayed a long time waiting for a car. When I got a lift, I was quite shy, it was somehow hard for me to get involved in the game. But with the time you can choose better spots, the waiting times decrease, the game enters a neverending spiral and it becomes an addiction. The ritual, the communitiy around it, and the variety of people you can meet cannot be compared with anything. By far, the times I expent hitchihiking have been the days which I met more new people in my life.

hitchhiker cow

Using signs is a good way to grab some car's attention

Of course we must understand the risks of hitching, but this is relative. By far, the most important risk for a hitchhiker is to be overruned by a car or to have a crash. Not a violent meeting. I began to hitchhike in my holidays 10 years ago. And since that times I’ve never found any violent meeting, nor somebody tryied to abuse. Even more, none of my hitchhiker friends had anything like this. Nor the famous people I’m gonna talk about now.

* not finished

Probably, the best online resource for hitchhikers is hitchwiki.org. There you will find a great source of tips, a list of good spots for getting out of the cities, friends, inspiration and more.

Boat hitchhiking


2 thoughts on “Hitchhiking

  1. Another good hitchhiking website is Digihitch.com.

    I have been hitchhiking the United States for most of 15 years. I had a book published in January of this year:

    “The First Time I Rode a Freight Train & other hitchhiking stories”

    “Chris McCandless Revisited”

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